About the Originator of Bible Prophecy Today

Bill began his career as an Aerospace Engineer. Then he was awarded an NIH Special Research Fellowship to attend the University of Colorado Medical School where he was awarded a PhD in the Science of Physiology. He then founded and co-founded several medical equipment and medical education companies that developed products which were distributed on a world-wide scale.

During Bill's exposure to higher education, it became apparent that the authenticity of the Bible was severely disparaged by academicians.   In response, an organization called Genescope was formed involving a number of Christians who held advanced degrees.  Genescope presentations, at numerous colleges and universities including Bible schools and seminaries, were very helpful to those who were exposed to secular criticism. The Bible is inerrant and can stand the test of science and all other onslaughts of higher learning.

Bill co-founded Christian Chaplain Services a non-profit organization that supports Chaplains in Prison Ministry.

Bill served as a teaching-elder in a Christ-centered, Bible-based church for 43 years.

William (Bill) James, PhD